Digital Guru is a full service digital marketing agency based on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Malta. We are all about helping individuals, small businesses and companies move forward by providing total solutions in relation to all aspects of their online identity and presence.

We are looking for the next success story. Yours.

Our Beginnings

Over the past ten years or so we’ve seen some big changes in the way technology has affected the way we do things - both on a personal and business level. Keeping up with these fast-moving changes (let alone keeping ahead!) is a constant battle which takes time, research and dedication.

Getting someone to help out is usually a case of ‘You need a website’ or ‘You need to be on social media’, being sold a one-off product, usually with no after-sales which by the time you get the hang of (if you actually manage) is already ‘yesterdays thing’ and does not provide results. This leaves a bitter taste in your mouth so the next time someone comes to enlighten you, you’re already apprehensive to invest more time and money. So instead of embracing technology people have kept it at arms length.

Having met so many who have been on this carousel we felt that there was a need for honest, genuine and friendly advice to help individuals and companies make technology work for their success. Quite simply at our core this is what we do at Digital Guru….helping those around us make the most of technology!

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Guru Infobyte: Our Founder

The head Digital Guru is Nik Abela; an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant who has always had a passion for helping others achieve more in their lives through the use of innovative technology. From a background in tourism his first concept was in 2004 with the set up of the first e-commerce website selling tours and cruises online on the island of Malta. This eye-opener provided a real understanding on how technology can make life easier for everyone and provide effective solutions to complex issues. By forming Digital Guru he has the perfect vehicle to pursue his passion for making the digital world easy to understand and more accessible to those around him.