Our complete range of services provide a one-stop-shop for the creation, updating and management of your digital & online presence helping you connect with more customers with less effort and time. Having Digital Guru on board will provide ongoing support, advice and guidance on everything related to the latest technological tools available for getting your message across to as many of your customers as possible.

From Instructor
to Malta's Leading Yoga Company

Freelance Yoga Instructor approached Digital Guru with the dream of introducing new styles of yoga to Malta and spreading more awareness on the benefits of this age old practice by launching a yoga company.

By incorporating an ongoing digital marketing strategy from the very beginning it was possible to target new untapped markets, grow the business exponentially as well as acheive a healthy work/life balance.

At this stage through the ongoing guidance of Digital Guru, PowerYogaWorld is now the leading provider of yoga services to individuals, hospitality and corporate clients with the islands largest yoga studio.

  • Brand Identity – Logo Development & Stationery
  • Website, Social Media, Email – Setup & Maintenance
  • Campaign Management – Facebook, Google PPC
  • Content Creation – Imagery/Video/Copywriting

Helping the Island's No.1 VIP Club Lounge
achieve new heights

Located on the highest floor of Malta's highest skyscraper TwentyTwo is the destination for Malta's most discerning crowd, managing to attract a big number of international VIP’s and celebrities.

TwentyTwo wanted to take more control in channeling business to specific days and events instead of just waiting for clients to walk through the doors and turned to Digital Guru for the solution.

Short-term we targeted social media through specific campaigns, event boosting and regular posts & competitions whilst in the long-term we looked at updating the website to increase it's visibility and user interaction as well as continually nurturing a solid email contact database which along with SMS campaigns helped to fill the club on key nights.

  • Social Media – Managing presence & reputation
  • Email/SMS Campaigns –Database, Design & Campaign
  • Print Design – Various Print Flyers

Taking Wellness
to a Whole New Level

Siam Wellness Centre was looking for a reliable partner to offer expert and honest guidance on their digital online presence and how to make the most of the latest marketing trends.

Starting off with the website and social media we went through a step-by-step process to bring all channels into line with a uniform & united identity as well as increasing visibility through proven organic SEO techniques.

We then introduced social media weekly campaigns to improve client interaction as well as preparing direct marketing material for visiting clients to maximise exposure of their experience at the centre.

  • Website, Social Media – Review/Update/Maintenance
  • Campaign Management – Facebook, Google PPC
  • Stationery – Questionaires/Thankyou Cards/Signs
  • Content Creation – Imagery/Copywriting

Guru Infobyte: Our Name

Our founder Nik was always known by his mates to be the first port-of-call for the latest updates on anything techy or gadgety....that's where the Guru came from. Most questions would be answered by 'Ask Guru'.

In fact Guru means 'a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation' and kind of fits in with what we do. We added the 'Digital' part just to make sure everyone understands that it's more the technogical enlightenment we are interested in rather than the spirtual kind (although the two can work hand in hand at times!)