Our complete range of services provide a one-stop-shop for the creation, updating and management of your digital & online presence helping you connect with more customers with less effort and time. Having Digital Guru on board will provide ongoing support, advise and guidance on everything related to the latest technological tools available for getting your message across to as many of your customers as possible.

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Why Us?

Getting someone to help out is usually a case of ‘You need a website’ or ‘You need to be on social media’, being sold a one-off product, usually with no after-sales which by the time you get the hang of (if you actually manage) is already ‘yesterdays thing’ and does not provide results.

This leaves a bitter taste in your mouth so the next time someone comes to enlighten you, you’re already apprehensive to invest more time and money. We're different since we really care about your success more than anything!

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Digital Guru HQ
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Malta (EU)


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Guru Infobyte: Our Island

We're based on the magical island of Malta slap-bang in the middle of the Mediterranean. We feel really lucky to be working from here since it really is a gem of an island. Apart from the amazing hot summers it also has a rich culture with a history just itching to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

It also makes it easier to meet our clients more often since everywhere is just a 10 minute drive away and having our offices just by the sea means we can always pop down for a quick swim to celebrate another successful campaign!